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How to Rent a Hybrid

Consumer Reports did a little bit of practical research in renting hybrid cars. While their ‘study’ consisted of attempting to rent in one city, the advice they have is still good.

Call, don’t use the web. The web rental may not offer hybrid cars as an option.

Call as far in advance as you can. Hybrid cars are in demand, even as rentals right now. Trying to get a hybrid at the last minute is likely to leave you without one.

Keep in mind you may not be saving money by renting a hybrid. If fuel economy and cost savings are your thing, you may be better off getting a small car. CR was quoted a rate of $253 for a Altima Hybrid over three days, but could get an Impala for $111. There’s very little chance you’re going to spend that much more on gas over three days.

Source: Consumer Reports: Hybrid rentals heat up | KATU.com – Portland, Oregon | News

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